It’s hard to take care of him

Ah, the interests are right. Every day, we should think about blowing that one. Right. It’s hard to take care of him. It’s not difficult. But we won’t play a star deliberately because we are doing content programs praising.

I am, all, while stars surround superstars, ah, in other programs and next-door programs, they will be ironic and criticize, right, but people are so selective filter selective forgetting. Only those who want to listen to themselves want to listen to themselves.

You want to hear, and then you start to show some untrue remarks and attack me. I think it’s a very vulgar and stupid performance. I want to laugh at James, Curie and Durant. We will cast these three people. I got up early today. I saw this netizen message and I left a message all over the place and said, “Curie, I would like to criticize and satirize Curie.” it’s probably James fans.

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