It’s very likely that he will be intercepted by other teams


Give more of this, er, salary and space to Thomson. As a result, Durant can be trusted enough, right? I take it for granted that I want a contract of 380040 million, right? You don’t have extra money to sign them. If you want to keep Thomson. It must be necessary and ingenious, so Thomson can’t play well. Some people say that Thompson can’t play well, and the warriors can’t keep it.

On the contrary, if Thomson can’t play well, sometimes he can’t keep it. Sorry to drink water. So according to our argument and our understanding, well, for the warriors, the contract between Durant and Thompson is understood in this way. Ah, Thomson, only when they play well can the warriors retain Durant’s ingenuity, then Thompson’s contract will be settled. If it’s not good, then what Durant wants to ask for more than 40 million from Dingxin can’t escape. If you give us Thompson’s contract, we won’t be able to get it. It’s very likely that he will be intercepted by other teams. If you open more than 30 million yuan, Thomson will leave.

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