James enjoys basketball

When it comes to the jazz and the Lakers and the comments made by Anthony Davis after the game, I personally support and agree with ER. Let’s not say that it’s the Laker fans. Of course, James fans should firmly believe that, um, predictable things, you need this, be sure, and firmly believe that, ah, those made by the Lakers are Champions League. Don’t doubt it. If it doesn’t work out, it will come true in the future. When we get to the playoffs, to the finals of the design competition, we will slowly look at it, verify us, and list the comparison statement is right. If you play in the playoffs or even in the finals, you must meet the 76ers. The NBA must be the league’s first center in the growing League. Those last year are indeed.


I didn’t play very well, but I also met a fellow countryman with extremely rich experience. I don’t know if you can eat the economic injection when you are sick, but you can be sure that such players are growing and improving. So if you don’t have the corresponding athletes at this level in the interior line position, you can be right. In the case of upper position, ah, it’s a waste of energy if you want to supplement it in other places

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