James is going to hold a press conference and join the heat

Armes is a contemporary Jordan. Don’t you know, ah James, if you want to go black again, other stars, ah, are blacked to pieces by me behind my back. Yes, I don’t mention this.

Go round and round and come back. Finally, I tell you that you have to go back to Durant and curry to blackmail them. If you go, black, James, ah, back to the underworld, they don’t believe you. If you don’t believe it, listen to our program, you listen to it, and finally come back to them. These Durant curry fans also want to go to black James. OK, I’ll come. I’ll help you black James.

OK, listen to me how black, right? Higher level, just say some group, group champion and so on Well, you see how I’m going to hack James later. You know, James is going to hold a press conference and join the heat. It’s a kind of stupid. I want to join the heat. Well, I want to join the OK of the heat. The whole world thinks that James, you go to join the heat, right? But you don’t know. Celtic team Garnett also gets it through a deal.

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