Liang Na’s feelings are in his family

As clear as noonday as like as two peas as like as two peas, the three teams are judged by the current judgement. They can give the same things to the economic interests and the same value of interest. Finally, Leonard’s emotion is not the same. Don’t misread it. It’s not Leonard’s feelings with the Raptors. Leo, Nader and the Raptors have no feelings. They’re just employers and employees. Liang Na’s feelings are in his family. His family can talk about it now. Leonard is not up to him to decide. It’s up to his family to decide. It’s up to her life to decide. You should remember, ah, work is always for life service. When you make more money and have better economic income, it’s all for changing your life, your life and your family’s life. So ah, er. Let’s wait and see. Ah, I always think that I always insist on the Los Angeles twins, ahead of the Raptors. If I want to choose, I have to choose. If I am lovelorn, I want to choose Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the only choice for clippers.



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