Look at the present!

Well, I can’t describe it with words. I heard it at that time. Some netizens from Mary Carey told us that Whitney Houston, like this CD1, didn’t come. I don’t remember coming, right? We just said that this is the top three in the office, Europe and the United States. Ah, soprano, ah, the three pop Queens can’t be counted, soprano, right, pop queen right? Er, this was a household name at that time. Now the little fans don’t know. Now they are 40 or 50 years old, or about 50 years old. Ah, they’re all gray and brown. Well, it’s all hung up. Ah, who’s from 400 stillia? It’s the Titanic’s my heart will go on. Ah, two days ago, this one was called youth day, right? My heart will go on. No, I really forgot that there are more songs about horse and Carey, hero and I still believe, right? There is also a famous song that I sang with Whitney Houston when you believe when you believe exist.


When you believe and, Hello, my heart will go on, it’s a household name. Oh, it’s a household name. Titanic, the Titanic, this movie is also a record box office record. I remember correctly, the word is, er, yes. Before the random answer, it was the number one box office in the world. Now it seems that Alfan, DA has any mistakes. Ah, this singing degree is very high, very high, and Whitney Houston has also hung up, so there is no way. Ah, you can go and listen to Maria. When you believe by Kerry

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