MVP is there

Quinbo is going to take the MVP this year. Paul George, MVP is there. It’s impossible that there will be 99% points in his lifetime. They can’t reach MVP all their life, so some of Paul George’s fans don’t blow hard, don’t blow nonsense. You have to know clearly that we said that the data of all-round players with ball holding ability on the third position above the small forward position should be very luxurious.

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Garnett played as a small forward in the Timberwolves in 2001-02-04 mvp-0102. In our own hands, we don’t believe that I doubt the ability of Paul George to lead the team. If these teams don’t smile, how far can Paul George lead the thunder team? We have proved that we expect Paul George to take the thunder team to a new height without the help of smile. Do you think the thunder team has a future? The core of the thunder team is Wei Shao, Wei Shao and Wei Wei. They are completely two teams, but there are Paul George and Paul George of the United States, but a similar team has been on the bar. Last season, Westbrook left the team alone to get the MVP. It’s amazing that a bull has brought the thunder team to the sixth place in the West. Paul George didn’t smile. Can you bring this thunder into the playoffs? I want to ask Paul George fans, do you have this confidence and determination.

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