New era, new deception!

I didn’t think about it. The plan for the future was a one-off deal. It offended everyone, right? When it was replaced, Garnett and pierce got a lot of benefits from the basketball and nets team, which contributed to the present double exploration flower, right? I sold long and much. All of them are merciless. They don’t even have a drop of tears. They say hello. They don’t say, right? Plus understanding. In fact, Kylie Owen joined the Celtic team. After arriving at the team, they don’t give the main core the privilege of absolute core. The status of the main core is right. Preparation, retest, Tatu, mu, and so on, as well as Hayward and hofford. So does hofford. Do you want to jump out of the contract like this? Ah, Celtics don’t give it. It seems that hofford means it. It’s more clear. Ah, it may mean Owen. Since he can’t sign it, I’ll jump out of the contract and give me a long contract. Right? I’ll reduce the value of this contract and sign it for four years. I still want to abandon it with the Celtic team before, right.


Otherwise, this kind of craving, right? 25 million won’t give or want to give. Say 60 million in four years. If you can fight, you can’t see you again. Ah, now we have to say that they are torn. Ah, one by two is this kind of heartless, cold-blooded, plus. Last year, February, including this year, June, ah, just a few days ago, the pelicans snapped Anthony Davis’ deal

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