Owen have to go to New York Knicks or not

As you can see, he’s holding the top three and signing this can be one of the team’s future training and reconstruction plans. In other words, Durant and Owen have to go to New York Knicks or not. What can be discussed is that New York, now, only has a skeptical attitude. He doesn’t quite agree with him now, or he doubts that Durant can pay and how much he can achieve after giving. His state of mind is still 80% or 90%. New York, ah, the bet is very huge, if he wants to form, Owen Durant’s double play combination and some players or the main three, he must give up the third line, just as the Laker team abandoned the fourth. A concept, then, if there is no healthy Durant, if there is no healthy Durant, Owen joining the New York Knicks is also a relatively risky choice. For New York, it is a risky choice, not for Owen. Of course, there are also.


For New York, it’s an absolute, risky, choice. So New York is now a conservative attitude, skeptical about Durant’s recovery, and conservative about his team’s purchase. Take the third sign around the third sign. The team’s reconstruction, or re planning

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