pants can’t reach the Clippers’ game

What we’re talking about is actually the level of singles. Ah, it’s the level of singles. It doesn’t mean that curry’s ability is poor. A superstar and superstar player has the ability to play singles and is not subject to any environmental restrictions. As we said before, when he is wrapped up, he can only pass. There is no way to use his personal ability to play singles, but Durant James Leonard can be used as a long-range attack when he holds the ball. He can kill in singles. It can be in the same position, from position 1 to position 5, 12345. He has no restrictions on attacking outside the three-point line. However, now, curry can’t do it. Now, pants can’t reach the Clippers’ game, including last year or the whole year. Last year’s finals, curry was blocked by defense, but no one cares about Durant, right? Durant cut 35 points and averaged 35 points per game. That’s him. Do you think that when these coaches don’t want to live, Durant simply gives up because he is too tired. This is an idea of weiqi and a kind of strategy. Right? The defense of superstars, ah, the defense of superstars with extremely strong personal defense ability, then simply give up.


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