Peter the great! fierce!

Ten o’clock in the morning, now the NBA game is in progress, some games are finished, some games are in progress, and some games will start soon. We are going to talk about the 76ers’ opponent the Bucks against the ball, um, because. Ah, there was no live broadcast, so we watched the text live broadcast. Well, after the replay in the fifth night, we discussed with you, commented on it, and talked about the ball in the video broadcast before. The 76ers didn’t see the preview last night, so we didn’t share it with you. This, wine can also go to see ah, ah, there is no technical content, the gap between the two teams is also obvious, 76 people, is the eastern champion forest, wolves, that is to play the playoffs, although now 3:0, is also taking advantage of the beginning of the season, so now double sent off everyone can go to have a look at Peter and Downes.


All of them were sent off. I estimated that they would face three or five games of the ball, suspension and a fine of $5000 to $10000. Ah, it’s almost like this. I don’t think it’s enough to explain the problem by raising one or two balls. It’s not enough to convince the public. Ah, it needs heavy punishment. Ha ha ha, three to five games is nothing for the team. One more game or less doesn’t affect the overall situation, right? For Tang poetry, for the Timberwolves, the attack is very important. If the penalty drinks three to five games, the team will face three consecutive losses, even five consecutive losses, three consecutive losses and four consecutive losses. Then the advantage established at the beginning of the season is 3:0 advantage, 3-win-0 advantage. Then change, very, disadvantage

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