Pol plus and Eton

Sign on the 17th. Well, if you come here, I’ll treat you as the seventh day, right? I think it’s OK. Well, if there’s no case, maybe we’ll have to do another transaction. We’ll get another money from the third party, the fourth party and the middle reaches of the river. Almost, yes, well, so, this thing is basically like this, so it’s very complicated to operate, because there are too many things to ask for. You know, to get more, I think it is justifiable, because this kind of small ball club, which we have always said is skin, is really a disaster prone team. It’s very difficult to cultivate a Anthony Davis. I think it’s reasonable for him to take a little more or ask for more. Right, because I don’t know how long it will take to wait for him to lose this opportunity. I don’t know how many years it will take. So, let’s say to watch the change, ah, watch the change, lonzopole if. This suns team is also a good thing. It can help him to be puckered up. Of course, well, I may need more time in the future, maybe two or three years, right? After all, we have to wait for Eaton to grow up, and the customers have been trained, so we have to wait for them to get stuck. In addition, this, season, I have also reminded me of the contract.


Ah, it’s no big deal. It’s just a good addition. Pol plus and Eton, if they can be cultivated, will be a strong team in the West in the future. They can also play in the playoffs, and they can also make money for the fourth championship. That depends on the time, the place and the people. It’s not. It’s up to you

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