Raptors and bucks

Now, Geely. The mouth also shows, ah, for the Raptors and bucks, the two strong teams, right? If he can beat these two strong teams, he is very confident that he doesn’t need to do this kind of silent operation, because the technical combat effectiveness is relatively good, and the team can cooperate with 76 people, but. It’s just a personal feeling. The 76ers are really worried about the Raptors and bucks. When they play in the playoffs, they are afraid that these young players will not be able to use last season. It is a kind of solid evidence that in addition to these veteran players, by, from the mainland and from time to time, Reddick is often able to play.

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By the mainland is still good one by one, right? When playing in the playoffs, ah, these Saric ah, Covington, ah, this kind of ilia sawa, are not enough, all of them can’t be used, it’s hard to have a good home, the performance can only rely on this kind of All-Star All-Star players. For players like Jimmy Butler and Harris, this person has a correct understanding of the situation in the East, and is in awe of the Raptors and bucks. They recognize their strength. Ah, so, er, now is a test for the 76ers. It’s huge. Ah, we also believe that many people in the East, ah, will, play this kind of performance that makes everyone satisfied and surprised.

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