Several key three points to select the best sixth person this year

Er, I have the impression that this guy has already scored several key three points to select the best sixth person this year. Well, there is a little chance. However, as for the overall quality of the region, it is very difficult for the piston five tigers to follow the example of the piston five tigers.

This, five people are not covered, these five people are with OK combination against GDP, in that era of the Lakers and the Spurs, this abnormal era can win a championship, but also with the Spurs, the Lakers against the world has a small advantage. Five people, er, had a very high evaluation at that time, even now it’s the same, that is, how do you prove your greatness, ah, how do you want to be envious and defeat your great opponent, so I remember forgetting these five in 0506 and 607.

At the same time, ah, in the same year’s selection, ah, All-Star lineup, Hamilton, or prince didn’t go because of injury, but Wuhu City was all selected. I remember the right words and the wrong places. Please correct me. Let’s take a look at Celtic’s interest in her.

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