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Let’s see if Durant and curry can float. Ah, if the game is to be played 3-2 and finally end with 4-2 or 4-3, no matter who wins or loses, the warriors have lost. This season is not a successful season. The Celtics have experienced this in 2008. In the first round, I played hawks, four rounds, pistons, or wizards. I forgot. Well, in 2008, it wasn’t a wizard. The wizard was jet type. Ah, it was the first round. The second round continued to grab seven. It was thrilling. All the home games were won and all the away games were lost, right. At this time, the Celtic team is not the champion team, and no one thinks that the Celtic team is bound to win the championship. But this warrior team is like this. Is Lin LANLIAN winning the championship for two years? There are two superstars in Durant Curie. Superstars are superstars. Oh, we didn’t say superstar. Durant is super. Super, hungry virgin is not yet there is no MVP to do, superstar, superstar, you take it, Sn MIP, superstar, superstar, there are kings and superstars on it, and there are emperor superstars on it, right.


Who is the emperor in t3b292df5e0fe99259466c0759c3973d88cb171c1he yellow sky? Who is the highest power in the Jade Emperor’s fairy tale? Is there anything higher than him? Well, no, it’s the emperor superstar. Well, it can be said that he is the God of basketball. Well, basically, that’s it. One is a fan. I am. Well, there’s no big worry. After all, warriors are better teams, right? So don’t underestimate the enemy. If you want to play three to three and grab seven, it’s hard to say that everything is possible.

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