Spurs like wolves!

When we talk about this Mazz, you can see that the staff structure of the Spurs is relatively complete, and he called back. The way the Rockets played last season, three small guards, in three, Fuxian to attack, three risks to defend in three small guards, oh, this is very powerful, I tell you this is the happy template of the rocket team, ah, the way the Rockets succeed, but the Rockets Hadden and Paul have stronger organizational ability, but it is. There are also those Erdrich, which must be more useful than Ka and PIRAs. Ah, there are also, singles, ability, ah, in addition to the projection ah, in addition to the long-distance projection, um, this is a little strange, er, this, other technologies are more comprehensive, ah, they are also hit.


Well, there’s a low back hit technique, and there’s also a mid shot technique. There’s also a killing effect on the video disc of the Sandplay technique. You can only rely on it. You don’t fear to whip twice, right? If you take two strokes, it will hit him. If he doesn’t smoke, he starts to roll over the jump shot and throw further and further. After the final shot reaches a certain distance, he starts to be a good blacksmith. The Spurs, ah, I feel ha, these two money are really, Good, good, good, good, very good. First of all, the Spurs’ defense has also been raised to a new level. Boris Carroll’s way of defense is obvious to all. Ah, it also withstands the test. Oh, the metal withstands James’s. Ha ha, it’s very good, especially Carroll. Carroll’s players, er, I think, are seriously underestimated. In this league, when they are not used well, they are like tramps, playing East and West. Yes, I think it’s a very good harbor for the ball to park and a haven for rest. Ah, I’m confident when I go to the Spurs. However, in go, I’ll give you a chance, and then I’ll enrich my confidence. Ah, Morris, don’t say much about it. This player is also comprehensive, defensive and good.

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