Super fun may be the biggest surprise in history

So my personal prediction is that Durant will definitely win the championship this summer. Well, as soon as he gets the s MVP, he will reach an agreement with the warriors. Super fun may be the biggest surprise in history, ah. So far, ah, so far, so far, we don’t say that, well, maybe 10 years later, there will be another 50, 000 yuan in 20 years, right?

In this case, the warriors will break up next year, give up Thomson and exchange for some vested interests. Then renew the contract ahead of time. Ah, green, coolie Durant green, the troika will be signed. Ah, it will guarantee that there will be a long competition in the next three to five years.

Ah, this is very important. This is also for the warriors. Next, this kind of competition, we can, um, watch it slowly and experience our attitude towards green and Thomson

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