The ability to predict is obvious to all

My personal expectation is that I’ll score 80 points. I think it’s almost enough. I’ll give me a full score of 99 points and 95 points. Thank you. Well, let’s mainly talk about 18193770. Now we’re going to start talking about 1920 season from this. Then we started to do this program of 1920 season. Now we mainly raised a few questions about clay and Thompson’s injuries. The second one is about the contracts of the two big stars of the warriors. In fact, we are.

In fact, in this wechat group, it’s all said, ah, Jingtian. There are many reports to verify our statement. Well, it doesn’t matter if we miss the best release time. Er, it doesn’t matter, because Er, there are a lot of things that we can verify later, right? Our speculation ability. The ability to predict is obvious to all. Ah, er, after the fight, we talked about it again. Look at the injury of clay Thompson, ah, it will be announced within an hour after the fight, and it will be announced within an hour after the fight, eh, yes. Ligament, tear, and MRI are finished. You say it’s fast, absolutely fast enough, so the examination of injury is very fast. Compared with Durant’s zombie, which is 48 hours and 24 hours away, it hasn’t been published, so it’s worth discussing and doubting. In the end, the fact is just like what we expected. It’s really Achilles tendon rupture. What’s more than what we expected is that Durant and the warriors can boldly announce this, which I didn’t expect. They really underestimated the warriors. Of course, we don’t know what else.


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