the Bucks, relying on the overall

You see, the last game played a series and then hit the pistons. I have never seen many such balls before. You can’t see them. Ah, this is also the skill of the coach, and it is also the gorgeous turn and transformation of such a big player.


Such a big stride, but also to practice, Europe, step, then you, don’t think, block, ah, you in a good area of joint defense is useless, because a step across, Celtic team, last year, we have to say, another group of people like a confused, so high, breakthrough ability is so strong, right. Oh, it’s so hard. I hope we don’t get slapped in the face. Ah, hope, the Bucks, relying on the overall strength to beat the Celtics. Well, it’s the best team. Relying on the stars and individual ability, such a team is not as strong as the overall strength. Well, the Raptors are also strong in overall strength. You can compare it with a large amount of 45 points in today’s test. Everyone has a role, and everyone plays very well.

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