The construction of the team as a long-term plan

In addition, the combination of weishao, ah, can already be judged as an unsuccessful season, ah, can’t deter the big three, there is no competitiveness in the western region, ah, in the next few years, there may be no competitiveness, so whether the thunder team is willing to break the construction of the team as a long-term plan.

So how many years will Willis play in the draft? Right? Well, in order to let the thunder team rise again after Willis retires. Well, it’s also possible to sell Paul George. So, the thunder team plays the pioneers. Well, I believe it. There are a lot of pioneers on one side. There are also a lot of strengths of the two teams on the other side of the thunder team. Between Bo Zhongzhong and the pioneers, after the new xiaonuo machine, I feel that the arrogance is not as arrogant as before.

There were pioneers fans before. Ah, now, it can also be said that the team of pioneers has a complete framework, so they are playing better and better, more and more regular, and they are also a disciplined force. You can see that the annual results are really very stable. They are really very stable. When everyone is not optimistic, a can still play fourth and fifth.

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