The phenomenal performance of last season

Then Durant is also, er, not in the back, there are two guys in the car, see, there are these two superstars in the warriors. They are impeccable when they feel that they are not perfect. That is, you can only play for the warriors unless you play at a super level every game.

Otherwise, how can you cooperate with me. I come to compete, ah, why don’t you come to win with me? Let’s say one more thing, that is, the Jazz team’s performance in this game, ah, er, these two games is also at the average level, that is, they didn’t play the phenomenal performance of last season. Well, let’s give some time. Ah, last season, there were 20 long-term players. Er, the first show was the rookie season.

Rookies were able to play 20 plus players in the first season. These players are rare. They are very few. So whether they are excellent or not is still in the second season. Let’s go on and see, because, ah, this season, we or many teams will focus on taking care of and focusing on it, not for you, casually shooting, casually playing, well, they will still pay more attention to it, so, er, the test for him is quite huge, and there is also a big challenge.

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