The quality of interior defense decreased obviously

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the Lakers and the Rockets. They’ve played their fourth game. Now the Lakers are 3-1 ahead. The Rockets are in danger.

When the final entered the fourth game, their small ball had lost its magic power. After the second half of the third stop, the Lakers further established their strategy of playing against the Rockets. The fourth stop was simple and direct. In the first half, Bai Xiaoxiao immediately established an obvious advantage. In the third quarter, the biggest lead reached 23 points while the third.

Look at the time when little house broke the epidemic prevention regulations before, it was not just an off-site episode. His shortcomings further reduced the rotation lineup of the Rockets, and the original poor rebounds became worse. The internal defense quality of these two games decreased significantly. In conclusion, Hu Renmin won the fourth game and started directly in the next 4.1.

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