the Raptors are fake strong teams

I’ll take a look at the four games today, Celtic Pacers, four advanced. Warriors three, one clipper, raptors three fans, magic Blazers three to one thunder, the other several requests have nothing to say, the walkers, Celtics, nothing to say, then the program said ah, um, Bucks reservation. Well, this is the second round of competition. The second round is the real competition. So the Raptors are right. The magic team is not good. We have said a stroke before. Some netizens think the Raptors are fake strong teams. I saw it before.

Oh, I didn’t do the program, right? It seems that many people think that 1f178a82b9014a90d65504b794270915b31bee2c. Are the Raptors so watery? Guangdong team has played so many times, played so well, and won the first place in the regular season, and won the ticket of the finals in the East. Against James, right? After several times of fighting, it was a fake strong team. Alas, I really can’t think of it. I was killed by James and became a strong team. Then, who should carry his back? You said that Owen killed him, ah, earlier. Take it out at Howard, right? So what’s the name of the team? Ah, by this, er, Bill wall, right? By the Celtics, right? Garnett Pierce, Ray Allen, ah, let’s kill you. What is this? What is it? Ah, I was taken out by hofford, by Millsap, by George Hill Carroll. Well, I was taken out by myself and killed by them

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