The Rockets need to be replaced

It’s all bullshit. The Rockets need to be replaced. No matter who you are, it’s not enough to fight the Rockets. How to win the game depends on one hand attack. If you can’t play, it’s very easy to lose. It’s very easy to lose. The main purpose of losing is to attack with the opponent.

The loss of your own height and rebounds is to attack with the opponent. Right? For example, you have the advantage of fast pace and high incidence of disease. You need to be punished. Why do you throw two three-point shots? Thank God, don’t throw.

You’re jealous. You’re in a situation where you’re giving medicine one and a half times. You’re trying your best out of the three-point line. You can never steal the ball. When you get the ball, just stay where you are and wait for the future. Right. DVD’s, with such a low three-point hit rate, it’s not about giving points, it’s not about giving opportunities, it’s just about giving the ball to the opponent,

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