the Spurs team

I remember, so Popovich, ah, it has been more than 20 years since he took over the Spurs. It’s more than 20 years. You can calculate how old you are. The sea has changed. We, anyway, watched Popovich play step by step. Ah, ah, this coach is quite amazing. And, Phil Jackson, at the same time, er, we can say that, er, we can still have a place under the shadow of Phil Jackson.


It’s amazing. This year, the Spurs’ lineup, the camp, I think that eating is the same as eating. There’s not much revolutionary change for the team. I also think that it’s impossible to have Popovich’s current contract, ah 0192, next year. If I remember correctly, the League will be expired. In other words, in the last half a year and a half, I will retire after finishing this contract. I don’t believe he will sign another three-year and five-year coach contract. I don’t believe that he will quit the management and do a simple and idle job. Well, get ready for retirement. Well, I think hunger is also a kind of respect for Popovich, the old coach. Now, the Spurs team, you can go and have a look at the ability of these people. That’s all. The talent is just like this. Gao really is, ah, searching for gold in the sand, picking up coke cans from the rags. Ah, the comments are basically such a lineup. It’s not sound and reasonable. But it can still beat the current record, which really reflects Popovich.

This, coaching ability also reflects these players, ah, can implement Popovich’s strategic and tactical arrangements, ah, carry out all the time

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