These are mainly people in their 30s

Hello, welcome to my article. Today, I’d like to tell you the details. In the first game, the Lakers beat the Nuggets. Now, the details of the Nuggets are finished. Before they start, they are over. If the fate of the first game of these details has always been so big.

This will also be the fate of blood sucking. The difference between the Nuggets and the Lakers is just experience. I remember that in the details of the gun battle, I wrote in this article that the key to the nuggets of the Lakers is thick eyebrows. The old players of the Lakers, James, Denny, green desert, are all in their 30s.

I’ve experienced big scenes. Yes, I’m used to it. We nuggets can’t compare. This gap is most obvious in the first game. The average age of the Lakers is 30:6, and the average age of menopause rotation is 26.9. Howard is 35 and menstrual period is 25.

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