This is the greatest thing in the 20th century


It’s a phenomenon. I believe most fans have already felt the origin of this phenomenon. Well, you think curry plays so well, but the media attention is not on curry. It’s on James Durant. In Leonard, this is a strange phenomenon. Before we knew, there was another thing happened to curry. Curry had a suspicious attitude towards the human landing on the moon.

Let’s say the skeptical attitude first, not the negative attitude. It’s lower than what Owen said before. Let’s say, even if you are a primary school student, if you go to the primary school campus for a walk, at least 23% of 10 people know that it was an American who succeeded in landing on the moon, but Armstrong was the Apollo project.

You can say at least 12 things, but curry, as a public figure in the media, was right. This is the greatest thing in the 20th century. Science, or progress, or invention. Whatever you say, this is one of the two greatest things. The first thing is Einstein, who discovered the theory of relativity, or invented the theory of relativity.

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