This product is not a good line

Maybe I can brush a few more than you. What can’t be seen is to walk the lamp. So, such players, ah, I think that long-term observation is the most important test of the playoffs.

This is also the most important thing. I think analogy is that it was the same year, and it was still white. I don’t know if James Zhang Jie left the heat team. Whiteside came out. The young player was a little fierce. The game was 10 plus 10. Right. Although ah, scores are not much, 10 rebounds are right. There are many blocks. They can also cover those barriers. This configuration is m.

Well, this product is not a good line, this can not turn right, Haslem, not enough birdson Anderson, 78 bad people up to mention, no ball hit this person all ran to the heat, I think ah, this player to the heat team is too strong damage, this is not enough, other times not enough, right. But what is the situation? He was the player of the year, and the people who said this kind of fans didn’t watch the ball. That is, James played that stage, including the trend of the four years now. James, never copy those.

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