Three back and three small defenders gordenha added

No front team, seamless, free is death five small ah, not to say card, villa can also say that the five small death does not matter Cabra also switch, also changed, you think Cabra is four can be completely OK, as long as he changed over, we always stressed that we are now the basketball position concept is very vague ah. It is functional and starts to judge the position of the player. It is not right that the Rockets are in this squad today.

Three back and three small defenders gordenha added, right, the inside line, the inside line, the coffee, the ones, the Tucker Dennis tells me which is the middle wind and which. On the list, his brother is the center. His brother is the substitute of the center of tactinkabella. Ah, you can’t follow the NBA director to see if you can’t fix it. He played 400005 small.

Right. He doesn’t have the center no front lineup. This is a set of no front lineups. I don’t know if I can make sure. Ah, who is the top coffee? Does Cabela need to top his position if ekabella is not in, must a person come to top his position? Does he need it? 2345 chase. The rocket team can be unlimited. Switching. This is the concept of infinite defensive change. How is this.

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