Warriors also want the Rockets

Bislilan finished the contract today and won’t give it any more. It’s just to distribute it to others or to say it is. Give your own salary space, ah, match the contract. That’s almost what it means. His nose is trodden off smoothly. Why is it? It’s useless to step on it? At least it’s useless among other teams. If he can’t play in the Laker team, it’s useless to move back and waste money for so many years. There is not enough time for jinqiuyuan to leave the factory. Is it right? Every player needs to play, every player needs to hit the data, and the data will be processed in this summer. Right? You can give this precious time of three minutes and five minutes to your nose. You might as well give more pants to Mu Ying gran. Let’s play. Right? These young players need to be absolutely absolute.


How long? You said every game, give them 30 minutes, right? Well, you said that now you can’t give you five minutes. He’s playing all his life and death. Great. Which young player doesn’t want to play? Right? OK, so Beasley is not big enough and has no ability. Right? He can’t play in the Lakers. Young players, it’s a nursery rhyme. When they leave the factory, time proves themselves. They despise those who spend a big fork and are afraid of taking a taxi. Ma and Hughes are still OK. Ah, if they can be cut off, the Warriors also want the Rockets, right

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