we support the Nuggets

Fenbid’s performance is dwarfed. Ah, even if the 76ers win the Raptors series, ah, well, Peter is embarrassed even if he doesn’t have martial arts. Ah, what kind of future can he play? I don’t know how to rely on Jimmy Butler to save his life. You will have to prepare the contract of grain this summer and finish the competition. Coach Brown also praised Jimmy Butler for James Butler. Er, who is Jimmy Butler? I don’t appreciate it. Anyway, it’s also a kind of praise for this Butler. Ah, it may not be in a very good way, right? Then we need to emphasize a little bit about the organization.


These teams, so far, we support the Nuggets, not so far, we support the Nuggets, right? Well, we are very happy to win the Trail Blazers, but it doesn’t mean that we hate the Blazers and hate them. Dillard, the Blazers also have a lot of fans and society. Cheaters are cautious, because, ah, I think that if the Blazers get into the details, they will send their heads to the warriors or the rockets and nuggets to reach the western finals, which is barely enough to support. Ah, the fighting ability is a little stronger, and the game is all good. The fierce Dragon’s 76 people play one match, one pair, and develop towards the direction of six games, which is our prediction It’s what we expect, right? We also support the income. Now we’re behind first. Then the Nuggets play 1-0. We also support the Nuggets.

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