Weishao bombing the pioneers!

So many netizens said that Wei Shao was right in three pairs. Wei Shao couldn’t score 20 points. These are the fact that Paul and George burst into tears. Prove that I’m not right. Our prediction is accurate. You know, we don’t talk nonsense about these things. We have a long-term experience. You can’t buy it. You can watch the series match by game. Ah, this kind of experience came over, and I watched it for a few years. I think we talk about these things, and I have such a high hit rate. Do you have a god hit rate? Well, I won’t say much. What we’re talking about is that you can meet condition 1. You can meet condition A. you can get it.


If the result of B 1 satisfies the condition C, you can get the first result. We can’t tell you whether the result is lower or lower than B. we can only tell you whether the result satisfies A. you can get the result of B or low, right? So you have to watch our program and listen to our program. This is the same as well as the context. You can do this. Why do we talk about zero to two, the Blazers beat thunder and then say Wei Shao wants to score high to win the game, because you have to know that Wei Shao can’t win the game by playing three doubles. You can’t win the game by cutting three double. You should have taken five rebounds today, didn’t we. In 507, we said that it’s no use taking so many rebounds. Ah, it’s not your job. What kind of person are you smiling? What kind of player are you born? You’re what kind of player you are. You have to take scoring as your own responsibility. You have to rush to the basket. You have to be brave, right.

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