you don’t deserve to watch NBA.

Including the present, ah, East West, West, East and West Mitchell. Fawkes, including now hawk Collins, will be transferred to your alliance in five years. Ah, put your Durant Durant, Paul, Paul, George, all of them together. All of them will be hung up. Do you believe it or not? You must go now. No, James, to black James’ ability and so on. Why did you go there early? James, at the peak, you didn’t see you praise them. Ah, black is black for the sake of black. For basketball, this thing is pseudo fans. The standard pseudo fans are either going to watch the ball or chasing stars. Oh, it’s really fake fans, ah fake fans. It means that you don’t deserve to watch NBA. No matter who the fans are, we have to look with appreciation to this spectator NBA. These stars have brought us very, very hungry.


Wonderful games, ah, James Durant, kuriharden and so on, ah, those who want black James, black Durant and curry, and so on. In the future, Durant Curie has achieved very high achievements. For example, this year, Durant won three consecutive titles, and Durant won three consecutive titles. There will be many fans who will attack them. These people, sunspots are the most hateful, they are a group of black sheep.

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