You have to have excellent defensive players on it

Can you imagine that a player with an average of 10 assists per game is basically the king of assists at a few tenths? You would never think that Lori is such a player. Well, the Raptors, Lori is injured. The record of the Raptors has fallen all the way and lost several times.

In my opinion, this team has no big island, no player who distributes players, no player who distributes balls, but it’s very difficult to move forward. In fact, it’s very difficult. If you rely on singles, unless you have five all stars. It’s just like the warriors. However, in other words, how to defend the warriors and how to defeat the warriors, the first point is that you have to rent a house and live in every position.

You have to have excellent defensive players on it. It’s very important that the defensive ability of individual soldiers must be first seized and finally transferred to individuals. Well, Durant curry, in the end, focuses on them. You can’t give them a chance. If they provoke any empty shots, you must let them fight alone at the last moment. Even if the super has to fight alone, you can’t give them an opportunity, because you want to give them Kobe shots.

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